Creating A Standout Virtual Fundraising Campaign

Date: January 01, 0001
Location: Virtual On Demand

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Creating A Standout Virtual Fundraising Campaign

Virtual fundraising isn’t new. It’s a powerful strategy nonprofits can tap into to dissolve the geographic constraints of in-person fundraising, maximizing reach, attendee participation, and revenue. 

Having the flexibility to activate virtual participants, especially when in-person events aren’t feasible, ensures your nonprofit doesn’t miss a beat. So, how do you maximize the impact of your virtual fundraising campaign? 

Watch this on-demand webinar, 4 Strategies to Create a Standout Virtual Fundraising Campaign, where you’ll learn how to create a virtual campaign that reaches more donors, activates attendee participation, and raises more money.


  • How to engage donors through competitions, prizes, and incentives 
  • Ways to make a virtual campaign feel like an in-person event
  • Actionable marketing strategies to get your campaign noticed
  • Follow-up actions you should take after the virtual event concludes
  • BONUS: Campaign inspiration from top-performing virtual events to get your creative juices flowing