September Breakfast Presentation: Powerfully Persuasive - Core Techniques To Compel and Convince Any Audience

Date: September 10, 2019
Location: Chateau Louis Conference Centre

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September Breakfast Presentation: Powerfully Persuasive - Core Techniques To Compel and Convince Any Audience

Persuasion is a core tool of fundraisers. But sometimes that tool gets dulled as we use it over and over, becoming frustrated or complacent with how it works and how we wield it. And with all the other stresses and complexities of a fundraiser's job (nurturing relationships, crunching numbers, developing properties, researching sponsors, to name just a few), it's easy to forget to sharpen that persuasion tool to ensure you are still being as convincing and compelling in your meetings and presentations. 

In this session, we're going old school (really old school) to learn key speaking and communication strategies that will amplify the persuasiveness and help you speak with renewed power and certainty.

Through the wisdom of ancient Greeks and a dose of modern geekiness for good measure, communication and rhetoric wonk Lauren Sergy will show you:

  • How to dig deep into your audience's psyche to determine what really matters to them
  • How to whittle out excess content that could alienate or irritate those you are speaking to
  • How to build up and use your persuasion toolbox...instead of relying on that one rusty old saw...
  • And how to create a powerfully audience-centered message without losing your own authenticity and je-ne-sais-quoi

About the Speaker:

Lauren Sergy is a professional speaker, author, coach, and trainer on public speaking, communications, rhetoric, and critical thinking. Known for her highly practical and inter-disciplinary approach, Lauren tackles tough speaking and communication issues with refreshing humor and candor. A member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, she has worked with a variety of clients, organizations, and audiences, including the Government of Alberta, Northern Trust Corporation, the University of Alberta, LaPrairie Group, Meeting Professionals International, and Alberta Blue Cross. She holds a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies and a bachelor of arts degree in English and Classics. Her first book, The Handy Communication Answer Book, is available through major book retailers across Canada and the US and was included in Library Journal’s Best Reference 2017 list. Please visit her website at to learn more about Lauren and her work, including her blog articles, videos, and speaking clips.