January Breakfast Presentation: No Regrets - Resolutions for Revenue

Date: January 16, 2019
Location: Chateau Louis Conference Centre

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January Breakfast Presentation: No Regrets - Resolutions for Revenue

No Regrets - Resolutions for Revenue

Do you need practical and immediately actionable ideas that can help you start your new fundraising year off right? Then this session is for you! Together, we'll examine three key areas where you have significant opportunity to rev-up your donor relationships and results.

You'll go back to the office armed with simple tips on inspiring donors with your of solicitation and stewardship schedule. You'll have realistic resolutions to reinvigorate donor relationships and rev-up revenue. You'll impress your boss when you immediately implement the monthly giving conversion secrets you'll learn. And you'll be closer than ever to realizing transformational bequest gifts with the insider information on powerfully persuasive legacy marketing you'll receive.

Outcomes for this session: 1. Optimize communication and results with your donors-next-door 2. Strengthen and/or start your stream of monthly giving relationships for revenue and retention 3. Take steps to inspire a hidden pool of gift-in-will prospects

Audience for this session: 1. Small-and-medium shop generalists who want to increase revenue from - and improve relationships with - modest-means donors by improving annual giving, donor communications and legacy marketing programs. 2. Specialists from large organizations responsible for annual giving (or elements), donor communications and legacy marketing programs

About the speaker: David Kravinchuk, Philanthropy Firebrand, The Common Good fundraising agency (formerly known as Fundraising Pharmacy) David lives to empower donors of modest means to experience self-fulfillment by achieving their philanthropic dreams. He advises The Common Good's clients like Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Catalyst Theatre, St. Paul's Hospital Foundation, Crossroads/Carrefour International, The Walrus and SumOfUs.org on successful strategies for annual giving and legacy marketing programs that build value through meaningful donor relationships. David also founded Western Canada Fundraising Conference (WCFC), the award-winning annual conference for professional fundraisers in western Canada, about to enter it's fourth year this June, in Saskatoon. Before launching The Common Good, David was the Senior Philanthropic Counsel at Good Works. Prior to consulting, he was immersed in donor relationship fundraising at University of Alberta and MS Society of Canada.