Canadian Indigenous Culture Training

Date: January 31, 2021
Location: Self-paced online

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Canadian Indigenous Culture Training

Canadian Indigenous Culture Training - Truth & Reconciliation Edition

Cultural awareness training is an integral component in creating environments where cultural diversity is appreciated,
and where people from diverse cultural backgrounds communicate with each other respectfully. Ultimately, the goal
of this course is to help non-Indigenous Canadians work with Indigenous Canadians in ways that convey respect.

This course is appropriate for employers, employees, and professionals who work with Indigenous people in
workplace, education, or health care settings.

The course is presented in 4-modules. Each includes interactive exercises to engage learners and reinforce key
concepts. Individuals may choose to listen using the voiceover option, or can turn off audio and read at their own
pace. To proceed from one module to the next, participants must pass a multiple-choice test. Those who do not
achieve 100% can review the material and re-test as many times as necessary to achieve a passing grade. Test
questions are randomly selected from a test bank, to ensure variety in re-tests. When the participant has passed each
module test, they can download/print a Certificate of Completion that includes their name and the date of training.

All necessary information and resources are accessible within the course. Participants do not need to wait for any
materials to arrive by mail. Training can be taken from any location where there is an Internet connection, and
participants can access the course using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

The course is self-paced. Participants can exit at any time and can resume where they left off. The timeline for
completion will vary, depending on the learning style of the participant and their prior knowledge of the subject
matter. Most participants will complete the course in 1-2 hours.

Note - Registration for this course is limited to 75 participants.  Upon registration closing, all registered participants will be provided the link to access the training as well as a unique PIN to access the course.

Registration deadline is January 31, 2021